True Culture

To empower our clients to foster a greater sense of belonging by achieving: deeper levels of reflection and empathy; broader levels of perspective and understanding; and higher levels of action and advocacy.

Core Values

True Culture


Integrity: Trust is the cornerstone to relationship building, which is the foundation necessary for growth in diversity, equity, and inclusion inside and outside the workplace. Integrity means doing the right things because it is the right thing to do without the need for external validation. Integrity also means steady, stable, and sound - the foundations necessary for building trusted, sustainable solutions.


Curiosity: The moment we stop wondering and pondering is the moment we stop growing. In order to be a culturally enriched society, we must have natural curiosity about each other and the world around us. By approaching problems and solutions with curiosity, we can build upon the scaffolding we have provided for one another and bridge gaps in our understanding so that we can bolster our practices with the learning we have acquired from one another. Together we expand our spaces as we extend our learning.


Creativity: Innovation and growth relies on dynamic, barrier-free exploration and education to unlock our hidden potential and maximize our natural and cultivated skills and talents. True Culture strives to create new approaches to problems and solutions right alongside our clients, who are our co-creators.


Authenticity: Let’s be real. Diversity, equity, and inclusion work is not easy work. It is heavy and very personal, even as we navigate very public places. True Culture will keep it real with you while helping you do the same – for yourself, your colleagues, and your entire organization. Let’s face the facts as they are, get down to the nitty gritty, roll up our sleeves and get the work done so that we can all keep it real. After all, who are we if we can’t be ourselves?


Community: It does, indeed, take a village. Human beings are social creatures; having a sense of belonging is a fundamental need. We want to work together as a community to provide the services you need to be the best person you can be in an organization that values people for who they are and what they bring to the table, figurative or otherwise. True Culture aims to set organizations and individuals up for success, so they can cultivate environments that value intersectional identities, embrace diversity, and demand equity so that every person, in any role, knows and feels they are part of a community that appreciates them.